Dick van Altena

Dick was born in 1957 in the Betuwe (central Netherlands) and he will die there. Inspired by the beauty of this area he wrote more then a 1000 songs!!
Music came into his life at a very early age and he started to play the guitar at schoolparties and local venues. In 1977 he had his first band: “Major Dundee”. Their debut LP “The Longer The Distance” made it to the top 20 within a few weeks. In the years to come he recorded countless albums with this band as well as solo. He even recorded one album in Nashville with major players such as Hank Singer on fiddle and Mike Headrick on steelguitar. Dick had hits with “Hey Suzie”and “Twist The Dial” among others.
Dick has been performing annually at least 70 shows a year in his homeland. After his trip to Nashville in the 80’s he had built up a fear for flying which kept him from doing shows elsewhere. He got over this problem and today he’s doing gigs in Faroer Islands, Norway or Turkye. For almost 3 decades he has been one of Europe’s best kept secrets but that’s about to change now. Dick is on his way to expanding his career abroad. At home things are fabulous for him. Close to 100 shows every year. He likes to play solo gigs but he’s a ease with a full band as well, whilst he’s also an important part of the CMS theatre productions show “Back To The Country”.  That shows runs in theaters for over 10 years now. A major success!
Dick’s is very entertaining just by simple being himself. He sings his own songs with major distinction and a healthy sense of humor. If not expressing his own songs he likes to sing his heroes: Shel Silverstein, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristoffersen. His album “Dick van Altena Sings Kris Kristoffersen” is a juwel.
His latest country album was releases late 2012 “Flowers To The Moon”. A new album will be released in the near future. On April 21st Dick will have his own TV special on Dutch national TV. A full hour will be the final break to a major audience. It’s so well deserved. Dick is one of the very few in Europe with a sound of his own.
visit his own website: www.dickvanaltena.com